Now that’s whack

Face high-fives are just one of those things girls’ moms are not going to get. Hello, nice to see you, slam, bang!

Even with the first boy, I didn’t get it when he was randomly smacked in the face during an attempted high five — yes, there is such a thing as high-five failure. But now even that sweet little baby boy, the mild one, has taken to saying a string of breathless, effusive, effervescent “hi’s,” then wielding a clobbering knifehand to the cheek for the unsuspecting toddler or grown-up of his choosing.

Lucky for him, even at 20 months he has a striking resemblance to Big Baby, the overgrown, tough diapered doll in “Toy Story 3,” thanks to his sparse hair and charming, breathy talk. He’s the Marilyn Monroe of toddlers!

And who really could take issue with that, even as he’s punching you in the face, gently?