Hitting the wrong bottle

A 15-month-old got tanked at a Michigan Applebee’s over the weekend when he was served a sippy cup filled with a margarita, instead of his usual apple juice.

So much for fussy toddlers! After an eventful trip to Mexico at the end of high school, I can’t even smell the stuff without gagging. This kid must be some good eater, the likes of which I’ve never seen in my house.

The parents — who promptly sought emergency treatment for alcohol poisoning — apparently found out about the error when the tiny boy was saying hi and bye to the walls, according to his mother.

I hate to say it, but that’s something I’ve seen my toddler do without the benefit of a .10 blood-alcohol level. As a team, he and I routinely greet and bid adieu to inanimate objects. “Hello, flowers! Goodbye, slide!” I’m a little embarrassed that sober, we meet most people’s definitions of wasted.

Meanwhile, outside Applebee’s, we’re expecting a long line of teens to show up with their SpongeBob straw cups. “More apple juice, please!”


–Jillian O’Connor