Food, folks and that friggin’ clown

The latest move in the battle to take down big food is to ask McDonald’s to remove Ronald McDonald as its mascot, as if he’s the reason children ask to eat french fries. Right.

When in doubt, blame the creepy guy in white-face. Not the yummy trans fats, buckets of sugar, day’s worth of sodium and the free toy.

I’m sorry, but as far as characters go, Ronald is no Mayor McCheese. Grimace and the Hamburglar were way cooler, too. He’s just the lowest common denominator mascot, and has always seemed off. Like, well, some guy who hangs around dressed as a clown.

In the past 25 years, has anyone ever met anyone who liked Ronald McDonald? He’s blah, his voice was really irritating when they let him talk, and, oh, yes — most people are terrified of him. Duh. Even as a child, I found it offensive that it was assumed I enjoyed this weirdly made-up man.

Kids don’t want to go to McDonald’s for him. It’s the junk food and the toy. And if they didn’t get a toy, kids would still whine for sugar, fat and salt.

As a parent, once you’ve decided to give your kid occasional garbage in place of meals, you probably aren’t going to give up the convenience factor at times when you just need the crutch of instant food, magically deposited into your car.

If there were a Whole Foods drive-through, I’d be all over it. If local organic ice cream stores had a car lane, we’d be there, too. But Ronald’s window is often the only one there.

So I don’t blame him for my kids sometimes dining on trash. I blame Whole Foods.--Jillian O’Connor