Ladies Uninvited

This is a sign that I helped make:

The Elder couldn’t exactly come up with these letters himself, so in the interest of promoting literacy, and, it seems, moms like me acting like total doofuses, I obliged and wrote out the phrase for him on a separate piece of paper. He worked tirelessly, making some very admirable L’s in the process, I must say.

So now I have a “No Moms Allowed” sign in my hallway on the boys’ door, as well as a 4-year-old who screams “No Moms Allowed!” and an almost-2-year-old who bellows “No Moms ‘Lowed!” While I strip them down like their maid and make sure they are wearing clean clothes each morning.

Lovely. Just lovely.

But the incident has been some fun. I told The Elder I was working on my own “No Boys Allowed” sign for the master bedroom. He told me he would “rip it down and throw it out!” in that oh-so-charming 4-year-old male way.

But later, he had questions. He was worried.

“Mommy, are you really going to put up a sign that says ‘No Boys Allowed’?! Really? Really?”

Ha! Advantage: Mommy. –Jillian O’Connor