My toddler’s field work focuses on the upper Cretaceous Period

I have one of those rare 24-month-olds who’s already naming dinosaur species.

“T. Wex!” he shouts. “Scared,” he mumbles, making his tiny mouth into his best little frowny face.

What I fail to mention to the amazed passers-by at the zoo however, is that to him, well, um, all the dinosaurs are T. Rex. Even the birds. (And that they’re welcome to declare my son a genius anyway.)

My main fascination with his dinosaur obsession is how he begs, screaming, “T. Wex! T. Wex! T. Wex!” until we’re face to face with them.

“Scared! Scared!” he whispers, clambering up the nearest adult he knows. Repeat weekly.

And when we ask what other animals he’d like to see, it’s “T. Wex.” Again. So he can be scared out of his wits anew. And, if I’m lucky, he’ll cry and ask to leave.

Until he’s begging, pleading to see the T. Rex again.

Ah, the terrible tyrannosaurus twos. –Jillian O’Connor

The expert at work.