Reading, writing and meth

A kindergartner recently brought a few baggies full of meth and a drug pipe to show-and-tell at his school in Missouri. Needless to say, some grownup is in trouble.

Meanwhile, I feel plenty relieved that The Elder no longer has show-and-tell every week, not because I forgot to put the big drugs out of reach, but because he’s now interested in tiny, intricate playthings that we just can’t seem to keep together. Last-minute roaring fits over imperfect Lego creations — and fortunately, they’re tantrums without crystal meth enhancement — are not really my bag.

But then, I have to ask, why did this boy have meth and a pipe? Hey, did his school allow multiple items? Does this mean The Elder could have brought, say, his whole rocket set in for his class? Eh, not that we’ll be seeing enrollment anytime soon.

On another note, I am quite impressed with the boy’s kindergarten readiness. Obviously he got it together all on his own and did not need the parents to pick his show-and-tell item for him. In the interest of staying positive: “Good job! I like how you sorted through the drug paraphernalia and found something interesting to share with the class!”–Jillian O’Connor