Toddler … narrating!

“Daddy … riding … bike!” the two-year-old would often exclaim as his father took off for another trip to work.

It was cute, but then we noticed that in the middle of the day, he would still proudly tell us, “Daddy! Bike riding!”

(Hey, if you can say anything about the kid, it is that he’s a big fan of the participle.)

There’s the added problem, of course, that he seemed to think that either his father,  a.) rides a bike for a living, or b. opts to ride aimlessly for 12 hours a day and not change diapers, play with Duplos or prepare any chicken nuggets for him.

So, his brother and I have tried to remedy the problem by telling The Younger that Daddy isn’t continuously riding the bike, but that he is at work now and comfortably ensconced in a cube.

But the two-year-old mind is nothing if not persistent. “Daddy … drinking … coffee!” We also get a lot of “Daddy … eating!”

That’s when I started thinking that he couldn’t have nearly as thrilling an account of what Mommy does. I imagine it’s: “Mommy … feeding cat! Mommy … doctor’s office! Mommy … dishes!”

So, even though it’s an illusion, I’m aiming for a day this weekend where it’s simply, “Mommy … walking away! Mommy … eating! Mommy … drinking coffee! Mommy … seeing movie!”

“Daddy … bike … home!”—Jillian O’Connor