Local toddler exposed

The Younger has a new thing. Not wearing his pants.

Not wearing any pants.

Not when he plays, not when he chases the cat, not when he decides he needs to pee on the playroom rug.

And the most vexing part is, he acts like a drunk man when told he might want to let me, say, put some clothes on him.

“Put on your pants, honey. You need to.”

“No, Mommy! You need to!” Big grin.

For the record, I was in fact clothed during said conversation.

But these pithy exchanges don’t stop with whether one is or is not wearing trousers or undergarments. This style of debate is quite flexible, and extends to whether his diaper needs changing, too.

“Baby, we need to change you. You have poop in there!”

“No, no! You have poop!” Wild toddler laughter ensues.

Again, I’m pretty sure I didn’t need changing at that point. Or to put on my pants.

But with an insistent toddler, you can start to doubt yourself.—Jillian O’Connor

How do you deal with a naked child in denial?