For his viewing pleasure

The Younger’s latest behavior is a little, er, deviant. Brace yourselves.

His new fascination is watching himself eat mint chocolate chip ice cream on an iPhone video, over and over and over.

I’m pretty sure this falls into some sort of autoerotic category – this is ice cream, after all – but for now he’ll pass for normal.

I’ve also discovered new secret videos taken by The Elder, who has figured out how to work the iPhone’s camera after bypassing the code, and even how to turn the lens on himself.

On himself making mouth-fart noises, that is, as well as waggling his fingers in his ears and sticking his tongue out.

Now, he’s gone to a lot of effort to get to the stage where he’s able to make this top-secret, slightly scandalous, clandestine autobiographical film, and this is what he chooses.

All I can say is, Coppolas, watch out.—Jillian O’Connor