Daddy didn’t make the cut

Back in 2011, I had a post about the horrifying sign I helped make for the door to my sons’ room: “No moms allowed!”

The Elder even incited The Younger, then a year old, to chant that ungrateful bastard of a slogan: “No moms wowed. No moms wowed.” (Yeah, buddy, sure. You can’t even say it right.)

Why did I help The Elder figure out how to write it out in the first place? Well, hey, he was interested in building his literacy skills. How could my petty maternal vanity get in that way of that?

But today, the tide has changed. I’m not the only reviled parent on the block. Woo-hoo!

Join the club, sucker.

Oh, yeah, and somehow this experience has helped build The Elder’s pre-law skills, which will come in handy later if attorneys aren’t replaced by apps in the next few years.

I had told him previously that his seemingly arbitrary rule could not nullify the pre-existing house safety rule that all parents must have access to all premises at all times.

So, for the “No dads allowed” sign, he has attached a spoken exception: “Except at bedtime, to read stories.”

Yeah? Well, let’s see how they like the pile-up of filthy laundry that will fester in there.

Mommy can play dirty too.Jillian O’Connor