Creepy cowgirl gets the boot

I do a pretty good job of exposing the boys to so-called girly toys.

They have a baby doll. They have a play kitchen and a tea set. I don’t flinch when my two-year-old, dressed as a firefighter, tells me he needs a purse to complete the look.

But I’m a little disturbed by our Jessie, the feisty cowgirl from the cheaper-than-dirt play set we bought at Disneyland back in January. After The Younger allowed us to unwrap his cherished (for the weekend) “Toy Story 3” collection, her arms fell clean off.

The Two Boys can keep their My Little Pony dolls, and all the sparkly unicorns they can fit in their pockets. Or pocketbooks.

But this crazed-looking Pixar version of the star of “Boxing Helena” has got to go back in the box.

She’s part of a whole new darker direction I’m just not comfortable with. Hey, fetishes do start young, they say. And I see significant messages in the subtext if my rough-and-tumble little boys have one little female action figure — and she’s got no arms.

Let’s face it. She doesn’t send the best message about female empowerment.

So, someday, I imagine I’ll have a daughter-in-law who thanks me for not letting my impressionable young boy play with limbless plastic women.

And for making him open to carrying women’s purses.—Jillian O’Connor