The return of refrigerator art?

The stainless refrigerator that came with our house is, like, so 2011.

People who make fridges are now all atwitter about an exciting new finish. It’s so cutting-edge. So avant-garde. It’s … a white refrigerator! Whoa. What a concept. Goodbye, chrome.

I have another idea for them: How about we make this a fridge where one can actually use magnets? You know, those ironic, kitschy souvenir things that people with offspring used to use to put pictures and coupons up on their refrigerators?

Now that would be revolutionary. Finally, somewhere to display kiddie art without scraping off Scotch tape for days. Somewhere for kids to stick their alphabet magnets.

I already feel like I’m living in the future. I guess The Two Boys can drop their pending class-action suit against appliance manufacturers due to the pain and suffering caused by a lack of gallery space in the kitchen.–Jillian O’Connor

Does your fridge hurt your kids’ ability to properly display artwork?