Time to be a kid – in between art at 4 and soccer at 5:15

Three after-school activities seem like enough for The Elder, but it’s hard to hold back when all of the other six-year-olds are not just doing soccer, but soccer, tee-ball, hockey and basketball, and let’s not forget swim team, drama, karate and aikido. Those, of course, would be the underscheduled kids.

They can also pick from cool new varieties of rugby and flag football, but that’s only if they’d like to give up their day of tennis, Mandarin and macramé.

Piano lessons can be fit in in between violin and hip-hop dancing, and let’s not forget cooking, Spanish, sewing and graphic animation.

But I’ve found that leaves no time for The Elder’s real interests, which include panning for gold, hunting for zombies, digging for Yeti teeth, gambling for Pokemon cards, ninja fighting and/or dancing, staring at the book “Monsterology” and looking for signs of some creepy presence known as “Slender-Man.”

Why aren’t these classes being taught? What will he put on his high school application forms? He already passed on Little League this year, so there goes his Major League career and scholarships.

I guess we’ll just have to resign ourselves that he’ll have to pursue those in his (gasp!) free time. In between nightly homework, a half-hour of reading and spelling reviews, that is.

This is, after all, the care-free life of a first-grader.—Jillian O’Connor