Tiny man lives by bread and cheese alone

Last night, The Younger was adamant that he would not eat a quesadilla, no way, no how.

He also wouldn’t have a grilled cheese, or cheese and crackers. “Yuck!”

But Annie’s mac and cheese? “No!!! Wait, OK, yes, I’ll eat that.”

Huh? How on earth is it possible that when one has said no, no, no, to three virtually identical entrees of bread and cheese, that one would enthusiastically say yes to a fourth? Is he a pint-size follower of the Inuit, who allegedly had hundreds of words for snow? Huh? Am I missing something? This is all just cheesy bread, right?

Of course, I forgot to also offer him some of his other favorite foods, a bagel with cream cheese or Parmesan cheese-crusted garlic bread. He also enjoys an occasional soft pretzel, which can be improved by cheese; cheese pizza; and Pirate’s Booty, corn curls covered in cheese. Oh, and don’t forget farfalle with butter and cheese, which, of course, is vastly different from Annie’s mac and cheese shells, which are nothing like the bunny shapes, which are also served, I dare say,  with cheese.

See, I can rest easy. My child clearly eats a wide variety of foods. With cheese.—Jillian O’Connor