Live from the rubble

An old post from the olden days. I want those Jetsons machines, yet technology still isn’t there.

The Two Boys Club

My horribly messy kids love to throw crap. And they also love to clean crap up. Not necessarily the stuff they just slathered all over the house, but it’s a start.

The frustrating part is when they take everything off the shelves — books, dinosaurs, torn-up art projects, old empty shampoo bottles they hoarded from the recycling bin — and throw it all around, little arms frantically waving.

Then, one child will suddenly be seized up with a cleaning bug, tunnel in through  the rubble, and pick up a teeny, tiny stack of Legos — and put it back in the box!

So, they’re not great cleaners, and neither am I. Though I am quite proud of our new game “kitchen-cleaning robots,” which allows me to maybe put a dish or two away while they smooth interesting dirty streak marks onto the chrome fridge with grimy moist paper towels.


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