Jillian O’Connor is a mom of two little boys under 8. She lives with a third boy (her husband) and a girl cat with a boy’s name in the Pacific Northwest.

She’s a former copy editor and columnist at the Los Angeles Daily News and the former senior editor of Movieline magazine. She has worked as a copy editor at a motley selection of big-name glossies and tawdry tabs, including Vogue, Bon Appetit, the New York Post, the Philadelphia Daily News and The Trentonian. She has written for the Los Angeles Daily News, Movieline, Teen Movieline, Metro newspapers, Premiere, the Myerstown Herald and The Daily Pennsylvanian.

The Two Boys Club is open to all. No sons required, but they may enhance your enjoyment of the site.

E-mail Jill at twoboysclub@gmail.com.