Live from the rubble

My horribly messy kids love to throw crap. And they also love to clean crap up. Not necessarily the stuff they just slathered all over the house, but it’s a start. The frustrating… Continue reading

Please don’t release the hounds

I love dogs. I love people who love dogs. I love dogs who love people. But I don’t love people who assume that everyone else should just know that their dog is “friendly.”… Continue reading

FAQ about boys

Do strangers gleefully tell you that you look like you have your hands full? Many times a day? Those commentators tend to be sympathetic, often an elderly couple that did time with a… Continue reading

The Tooth Collector

I almost blew the whole tooth fairy thing already, and The Elder is a few years away from even getting a loose tooth. “Mommy, is the tooth fairy REAL?” “Um, yeah — um,… Continue reading

We live in Darth times

One real concern I’ve had lately is: What are we going to tell the boys about guns? I don’t want to ban any exploration of weaponry altogether, and turn out one of those… Continue reading

Now that’s whack

Face high-fives are just one of those things girls’ moms are not going to get. Hello, nice to see you, slam, bang! Even with the first boy, I didn’t get it when he… Continue reading

I’m just a temp here

I admit it. I have a tyrannical side that likes to step in when the boys act up and just say “Nooooooooo!,” with a long low growl, and possibly some teeth showing; I… Continue reading

I love my poopy blog!

Perhaps I’ve embraced my defecation and elimination side more than I’d care to admit. Lately, my approach to the elder’s poop talk is to join in, though I think my knowledge of the… Continue reading

Introduction: “Boy, oh, boy, it’s a boy!”

You’re likely here because you’ve heard that line at one point or another, generally an inappropriate and disturbing commentary on a newborn’s engorged, sludge-covered genitals, meant as some sort of perverse pat on… Continue reading