Wordless Wednesday: The Revenge of Little Lord Licorice

On preschooler language

Parents are really into telling their little kid, “Use your words!” Especially when he’s about to smack down another toddler. But why are they his words? Are we sure we want him to… Continue reading

Creepy cowgirl gets the boot

I do a pretty good job of exposing the boys to so-called girly toys. They have a baby doll. They have a play kitchen and a tea set. I don’t flinch when my… Continue reading

Wordless Tuesday

What can I say. It’s not Wednesday, and I’m really not that big on alliteration,  anyway. And, technically, this post is not wordless. Literally not wordless. There’s a new regime in our house… Continue reading

Daddy didn’t make the cut

Back in 2011, I had a post about the horrifying sign I helped make for the door to my sons’ room: “No moms allowed!” The Elder even incited The Younger, then a year… Continue reading

That darn bald kid

The Younger is going through a cranky phase, which generally involves not wanting to wear any pants, and curating large collections of bric-a-brac before we take any trip to the outside. And yesterday,… Continue reading

For his viewing pleasure

The Younger’s latest behavior is a little, er, deviant. Brace yourselves. His new fascination is watching himself eat mint chocolate chip ice cream on an iPhone video, over and over and over. I’m… Continue reading

Public library, den of iniquity

The Elder loves the downtown library, but learned early that it was the place where he could play Clifford the Big Red Dog and Bob the Builder video games. Yes, Seattle’s amazing downtown… Continue reading

Animals aren’t people, too

The Younger has been getting really ticked off lately, because apparently everyone around him who’s older than 2 knows nothing. Which, if you’re 2, is a fairly common scenario to find yourself in.… Continue reading

A boy’s first love is his cat